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Catch up with stories and opinions from around the world for blind and visually impaired. If you have news you want to add, don’t hide it. Let us know and we will add the piece to this area.

Blind man Tasered as cane mistaken for gun in Levenshulme Englandtassered

This is not a new story but oh my..

A police force has apologised after a blind man was Tasered because his cane was mistaken for a firearm.
Armed response officers from Greater Manchester Police (GMP) were called at about 18:40 GMT on Thursday after reports there was a man with a gun.
The 43-year-old was uninjured during the incident in Albert Road, Levenshulme, GMP assistant chief constable Garry Shewan said.
"Officers have been with him, and have now apologised for what happened."
He said: "Two witnesses, as well as our firearms officers, believed the man was acting in an agitated manner and in the dark, the folded cane appeared to be a gun.
"An officer decided that in the circumstances, and to ensure the safety of the man and public, he should deploy a Taser."
No complaint
He said an initial review indicated the officer "carried out a suitable risk assessment and, with the information he had available at the time, made what appeared to be an appropriate decision".
He said the 43-year-old man "acknowledged that his behaviour could have led to people being concerned".
"The man has accepted our apology and does not wish to make a complaint however we will continue to review the situation."
In 2012, a blind man was Tasered in Chorley, Lancashire, after his white stick was mistaken for a Samurai sword

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blind cheerleader






'We're doing something nobody has ever done before'

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J watersJackie Waters tells her Story

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TheStory by Annalisa D'Innella and Guardian Online way I see it: living with partial blindness

Story by Annalisa D'Innella and Guardian Online

The way i see it

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Fatwa allows Muslim's guide dog inside mosque 45048201 guide dog mosque226

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Facebook RNIBFacebook makes U-turn after banning RNIB's 'degrading' sight-loss

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HIKE 1Learn how one man overcame his anger and refused to let his disability get in his way as he conquered some amazing walking feats.

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be my etesguardianlogoCharity apps are supporting people and helping to find new

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Young vision impaired Londoners set a new direction for Tube travelwayfindrimage

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make ipHow do blind people put on make-up?bbc-blocks-dark

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qcutsQuiet cuts undermine support for disabled people in the workplaceguardianlogo

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15 blindFifteen Indians blinded after surgery with suspected infected tools

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The-vOICe-equipment-is-de-011vOICe: the soundscape headsets that allow blind people to 'see' the world

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reshi and cabsRaising further issues over disabled access for the blind the BBC revealed in the regional TV news programme Inside Out London and on the BBC news website the appalling behaviour of public transport providers.
A close friend of indy was featured with his guide dog Lana and the story reveals the outrageous excuses and ignorance he and a co researcher wheelchair bound endured.

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flying ogsThe European Guide Dog Federation let on their favourite international airport

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pimentosaguardianlogoThe families of 21 children are raising money to speed up research into a rare form of retinitis pigmentosa, a condition that is robbing their kids of sight - By David Bardford

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guide dogguardianlogoDavid Adams, president of the European Guide Dog Federation, and a guide dog user, reveals his experience as a customer

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msoft hsetNow a lot has been said across all the media streams on the headset linked to your mobile to give real time navigation voice prompts to provide assistance for independent mobility you around urban/city streets and to provide vital information on public transport such as buses.

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blind orchestrabbc-blocks-darkBaluji Shrivastav is one of the music world's most in-demand sitar players.and he has been blind since he was four, he's now leading an ensemble of blind musicians.

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Englands-blind-football-s-011guardianlogoEngland's blind footballers aiming for the top after FA unveils new pitch

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vicorianblindbbc-blocks-darkYou wouldn't think that Victorian Britain had a great deal of time for the blind - you might be surprised

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Washed-Up-Fingers-by-Emma-011Tips for visually impaired art-lovers - read the details in Travel Advice

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RNIB-Logo-Hor-300x51The RNIB has launched an ingenious automaton designed by Richard Hartnell to display the many issues surrounding sight loss

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optixpressOptical Express is considering an appeal after it was ordered to pay one of its customers £500,000 in damages.

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m harperDelays to welfare payments for disabled people 'unacceptable', admits minister

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smart-glasses-Dr-Stephen--011Developers use cameras and laser to help wearers recognise everyday objects and navigate surroundings

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crossings-seqNow we need to turn up the pressure to get better crossings and safer streets - just follow this link to make our crossing safer and join the campaign

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oxford streetSmart technology to assist in urban navigation looking more like a reality?

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gide dogs londonThe Guide Dogs for the Blind Association has advised that many of their members are frightened of going out with more reports from guide dog owners who had been hit by a cyclist or come close to a collision.

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trachomaTrachoma, the leading cause of infectious blindness, affects 21m people. Could mobile mapping help? Holly Young asks Alex Pavluck


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jamie mcdonaldBlind comedian Jamie MacDonald tells BBC Ouch how he makes jokes about losing his sight and the sticky situations he finds himself in.


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rnibRINB Shop Refreshed


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bioic eyeBionic eye promises vision for the blind

Monash University is preparing to launch technology that should allow blind users to make out objects and other people
Oliver Milman reports on the latest in sight giving technology


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Ra-anana v2 

As fighting continues in Gaza and Israel, two blind women, one Israeli and one Palestinian, describe how they experience war through hearing it, and how it affects their lives.


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childs eyesA new oral medication is showing significant progress in restoring vision to patients having an inherited retinal disease which causes visual impairment ranging from reduced vision to complete blindness.
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h laneThe author Harriet Lane has been losing her sight since 2008 – but she has learned to spin something rewarding from her fear


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obeseCan it be right that an individual can be labelled disabled through obesity and access the same level of support and protection in the work place, really only observed since the passing of the Equality act of 2010?

ie logo nocaption

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V smith n horseBlind equestrian Verity Smith's dreams of competing at the London 2012 Paralympics were crushed when her horse was put down. Now back in the saddle, she's set her sights on being part of Team GB's Rio 2016 Paralympics dressage team.


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prembabyPremature babies link to rise in child blindness: Number suffering sight problems after being born early up by 22% in a decade

dmail logo

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wcsportsBerkshire Sports club for disabled people gets cash boost

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cut outCuts to funding for basic equipment for disabled students are "deeply unfair" and "out of touch"
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imagesCA6Q2TBE I was victimised for being blind, but body cameras helped catch my abusers

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